Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween Classic

Rob had an opportunity to go to the Halloween Classic this year in Boise, Idaho with his brother and sister in law, Frank and Carla. He played a little bit of a different role this trip and was both a driver in the wheelie contest and also did for his brother what his brother has always done for him when he drives. He helped him into the water box and helped him get the car situated from the outside. Best of all Rob was Frank's biggest fan. Drag racing with his family is Rob's passion. He loved the exhilaration of watching Frank go rounds.

Below is a GREAT picture of how excited Rob got while watching his brother go down the track.

The hottest husband in the world!! It looks like he's getting ready to sneeze, but really he's just focusing on Frank going down the track.

This is Torque getting in trouble for being on Uncle Rob's bed.

Rob and Frank adjusing the four-link for the wheelie contest. Rob was supervising.....hee hee.

Rob got the much awaited opportunity to drive the Chevelle in the wheelie contest!! This is him getting ready to R O C K down the track!
My very cute focused husband.

Ya!! Thats MY husband showing ya how HE does!!

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