Monday, December 29, 2008

Boxing Day (The day after Christmas)

Rob's friend, Josh, is such a wonderful person. Every year he comes by Rob's parents house knowing that we are probably visiting. He always comes by with his family to say hi.
I just am amazed that he would do this.
He does this each of every year,
taking time from his family and the busy things he has to do.
I just think that these days you don't find many people like that.
A big thanks to Josh and his family for stopping by. We really do appreciate it!

This is Bob with his new friends. These are Josh's kids and his wife in the background.
Such a lovely family!
The day after Christmas is snowed! Before we went to bed we could see the snow falling and it was beautiful. This is what it looked like the next morning.

Good 'ol Bob enjoying the snow.

Nice tongue action! It almost looks fake.

Bob and his daddy kick'n it.

This is Ken's dog Swivel (he only has three legs - hence the name)

Bob getting a little love from his Uncle.

A little cousin time

Bobby on his way home.

He didn't have much room - lol - poor Bob

Bob at home sweet home after a fun week with family

Christmas Day

This Christmas Jimmy and family were in Colorado with Jana's folks. Rob and I were in New Mexico so my parents went to San Diego and spent Christmas Day at
Jon and Kelly's house down in San Diego.
We will do a Miller Family Christmas on Saturday once everyone gets back.
On Christmas Eve Lane (Ken's son) spent the night over at his other Grammy's house, so we got to sleep in on Christmas Day! YEAH! (At my parent's house we could never get away with that because of all the little ones we have.)
After Lane arrived we got to start opening gifts!
Rob gets REAL excited about opening gifts so we had to have him help hand the presents out to keep him from opening all his gifts before it was time.
This is Rob and his brother Ken handing out gifts.
This is Heidi (Rob's mom) and Frank (Rob's dad) with their stash.

Lane, Ken, and Andrea - Lane all excited about his new Wii.
Frank .... all mad that he got *a* spark plug in his!
Bob in the middle of everything.
Frank and Carla (Rob's brother and sister in law) opening up gifts.

We made a book online for Ken of his graduation.
He seemed like he really liked it!
Lane opening more of his gifts for his Wii.
I surprised Rob by framing our vows. He didn't even believe that I knew where they were -lol.
Heidi admiring an amazing calendar Carla made.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

These pictures are a little backwards but I forgot when you upload them you should do them backwards and I don't feel like switching them around - lol.
On Christmas Eve Rob's family tradition is to have a big family gathering. Usually it is hosted at his Grandma's house, but she passed away a couple of years ago. It's hard to keep up the traditions with her being gone. They know that this is what she would want so this year Rob's cousin Dusty (aka Bud) and his wife Hope hosted the event. A fun time was had by all!

This is Frank and his Uncle David being silly.
This is Carla (Rob's sister in law) and Rob's cousin Tiffany's son Tanner.

Rob and Tanner
This was a group shot of all the cousins
Ken, Dusty, Nicole, Tiffany, Rob, and Frank.
Rob's brother Frank and sister in law Carla Rob's brother Ken and Ken's girlfriend Andrea
Rob's dad holding Dusty's son Harry
Rob's mom and some of her siblings with their dad (who just had hip replacement surgery a couple of weeks ago and just got out of the hospital on Christmas Eve night after getting a pacemaker.)
Heidi and her sister Mony
Rob's nephew Lane and Bobitz

Bob and Flea
On Christmas Eve, Lane got to *open* up one gift......Rob had given him his truck this summer - but it needed new wheels and rims and the bumper needed a little touch up. So Frank fixed the bumper and got some rims for him and we all pitched in for some new wheels. This was us surprising Lane with his upgrades.

This is Lane practicing driving with Bobitz as a passenger!
A group picture of the boys! A chance in a lifetime opportunity! I wish my brother was here to take some pictures of their family. Group shots would have been awesome, but I did my best.
Bob and his cousin Flea

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The day before Christmas Eve

Today Rob's dad had an appointment in El Paso for some routine bloodwork. So we offered to take him so that his mom could have a little break and time for herself at home. Rob's brother Ken and Ken's girlfriend Andrea live in El Paso (about 1 1/2 hours away from Alamogordo) so while we were down there we had lunch with Andrea. Ken was on his way to pick up his son Lane from Kileen, Texas so they weren't able to join us.
Ken, Andrea, and Lane will be coming to Alamogordo later tonight after their plane lands so we told them that we would take their lab LeRoy (we call him Flea for short) to Rob's parents so they would have one less thing to worry about.
Here are some pictures of our trip back to Alamogordo.
This is Flea giving me kisses on the way home.
This is Flea giving Uncle Rob kisses on the way home.

Flea with Auntie Carla
"I'm a good boy!"
"HI! My name is Flea!"
Rob's Dad - Frank
My crochet.....making progress.
My cute little husband and his signature pose.
This was Bob last night......tired after a long day.

He's so cute!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bob and Torque

We are at Rob's parents house for Christmas in Alamogordo, New Mexico. His brother and sister-in-law are here from Idaho Falls, Frank and Carla, and his brother Ken, Ken's girlfriend Andrea, and Ken's son Lane will be joining us in a couple of days.

Below are some pictures from last night.
Frank and Carla have a St. Bernard named Torque. He's HUGE!!
Rob loves his nephew Torque.
This is Bob bonding with his Uncle Frank.
Bob had fallen asleep whilst bonding with his Uncle Frank and Aunt Carla

Bob's not too sure about his cousin!

Torque and his Cran-ma
Bob and his Daddy