Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today was my mom's birthday! We had a great day celebrating with her. This morning I picked her up and we went for pedicures. I had no idea that it would be so hard to find a place that was open! After about our 25th stop mom called the place where she usually goes and they were open. YEAH mom!! We had a great time and splurged and got Reflexology too!

Our day kinda got changed around a little bit ..... it's all about flexibility right? So we met at our house for cake and then we had dinner at The Olive Garden.

This is a picture of my dreamy husband and Austin my nephew playing on the laptops. Lol Jimmy was finishing up the gourmet cake in the kitchen (which is right behind the couch) so the laptops kept them occupied until dessert was ready. Two peas in a pod.

Our cute little family - my mighty dreamy husband and our son Bob
I'm not sure what happened in our family's DNA but I was not born with the cooking gene. Jimmy is quite the connoisseur in the kitchen and there is no competing with him so I don't even try. He was in charge of making mom's cake.......he's always 5 star all the way!

This is mom blowing out the candle on her piece of the gourmet birthday cake.Autumn made Grandma a special present for her birthday. It was a necklace that she made herself! She was sooo excited and couldn't wait for the rest of the gifts. So we let her give her special gift to mom before the rest of the gifts and before cake.

This is mom showing her excitement!

Mom and Autumn posing with her BEAUTIFUL necklace!!

Great job Autumn!!

Our hard work paid off and somehow we were able to find a Wii Fit for mom for her birthday! She is addicted to her Wii and this is a welcomed addition to her addiction.

For Dad's birthday my Aunt Sharon is taking my mom and dad on a cruise (my Aunt Sharon doesn't mess around) and so my dad bought mom a dress for the cruise.
This is mom trying out her new toy.

Like I said before.....we had a little bit of a wait for dinner. This is Rob and his pal Austin waiting patiently for our buzzer to go off to let us know our table was ready.

Austin bringing his Auntie Kathy a flower.

Austin and Jimmy

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Autumn with PaPa...she's very tired.


Jen said...

It looks like your mom had a wonderful birthday! I love seeing all your pictures. It looks like Rob and Austin get along great! :-)Thanks for posting...I love reading your blogs!

The Greenoughs said...

Thanks for looking and thanks for leaving a comment. You never know if you should keep this kind of stuff up because you never know if people are actually reading it. =) I probably have more pictures than really needed but I love pictures! I hope all is well with ya'll. You're REALLY going to be busy soon with your littlest one's arrival on the horizon! Can't wait to see your newest addition.

The Miller Clan said...

Very cute pictures. I need to get copies of those. I am just now catching up on all the blogs. I love to read them when I get a chance!