Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pensacola - Beach on another day

Me and my punk'n head
Jana and Austin wipe out!
A sand crab!
Suck it in Kerri!
Kelly telling the paparazzi that we deserve some private family time too and that if he doesn't leave we will call the police!! lol just kidding!!
Bryce and Chasers
Aunt She and Mom
Uncle Steve and Jackson going to catch some waves
Kelly and Jackson
Jackson and Chasers (who is always hungry as you can see he's the one eating in every picture lol!)
Kerri and Chase
Aunt Sheila, Mom, and Aunt Denise
My sandy toes!
Uncle Steve, cousin Josh, Uncle Doug, Triston
Mom and Josh
Uncle Doug and his son Triston
Buildign sand castles with Uncle Jimmy
Pictured left to right: Jimmy, Kaiya, Klaire, Autumn
Mom, Dad, and their grandchildren

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Phillips Family said...

It looks like you all had a great time. Good job with posting the pics. It's nice to keep up with you this way.