Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pensacola - Jet Skiing

Setting up a little bit of shade for a couple of hours jet skiing! FUN!!

Chase is all ready to hit the water!

Gotta apply the sunscreen.
Austin (who is a great swimmer) thought he was stuck and he couldn't figure out how to get down and back to shore. His cousins were trying to help him but finally his dad had to come out and try to explain to him that he could touch and that he was
He's a happy camper now.
Me and my handsome man.
Jimmy and Austin

On your mark....get set.....GO!
My cousin Kerri and her son

Kaiya and Grandma
Jimmy and Austin
Kaiya hitches a ride with Uncle Rob
Jon and Kelly.......but.....
Kelly forgot she had her sunhat on so she gave it to Jimmy!! He's so funny!Kaiya and Uncle Rob......Kaiya got to drive and went 42 mph! That's FAST!
Papa and Klaire
Jana and Autumn
Jon and Jackson
Kaiya, Jon, and Jackson
Jana and Austin
Mom and Dad

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