Saturday, July 12, 2008

Seaport Village

Poor Rob finally got a little break on Friday night so we walked down behind our hotel to Seaport Village for dinner and walked down the warf. It was a nice romantic evening just spent with the two of us which was really nice. There was a BEAUTIFUL sunset but my camera didn't capture it. I guess I have to upgrade my camera!

This was a HUGE statue right on the warf in honor of Bob Hope. It was amazing so I had to get a picture!


Mommy2HayLo said...

Hey Kathy! So glad to have way to keep up to date with you.
Great pix!! For a minute there, I thought the statue was you and Rob!! HA HA

The Miller Clan said...

Welcome to bloggerland! Glad you joined us. Glad you are having a good time in SD! We miss seeing ya.
Love ya,