Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sea World

One of my Christmas gifts from Rob was tickets to Sea World. I've wanted to go so bad! So since we were already in San Diego for his conference and had to stay through the weekend for his doctor appointment, we decided that it was the perfect opportunity for us to go. I was so excited! We had a great day! It wasn't very crowded (considering it was a weekend during the summer). We went to all of the shows which to me is by far the highlight of the park. I wasnt really impressed with the exhibits. One day I would love to take a behind the scenes tour.

Here's some pictures of our day:

Our self taken picture to commorate our day.

The Shamu show was INCREDIBLE! It truly brought tears to my eyes. I loved seeing how much these trainers love what they do and love the animals they work with. It really touched my heart. We can't even get our dog Bob to come! And these animals obey hand signals!!

These sea lions were Rob's favorite. He wanted to take them home with us!!
It was a wonderful day spent with my amazing husband. He isn't really fond of sea life or sea animals but I think even if you ask him he'll tell you that he had a good time! He was amazed just like me about what these animals can do!

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The Miller Clan said...

Very fun. Great pictures too! Glad you had a great trip to SD!
Love ya,