Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Nice Little Visit

My mom brought Autumn and Austin over this evening after they had a little dinner treat at McDonalds with Grandma. Bob (our dog) gets REALLY excited when we have company over and the kids kinda get scared when this 75 pound Bassett Hound is trying to show them how excited he is to see them! So we decided to have them take him for a walk. Although sometimes it was Bob taking them for a walk - lol.

This is Austin trying to tell Bob to come. But sometimes (ok most of the time) Bob has a mind of his own and will go his own way!

After Austin gets over his initial intimidation of Bob he really loves him. He loves taking him for a walk.

Austin climbing with Uncle Rob's help.

The tree outside our house is a pine tree which where we live is not as common as in Florida. So it's very exciting when you can pick your very own pine cone right off the tree!! This is Autumn showing Uncle Rob her precious pine cone.

Right by our condo Austin found this awesome tree!! It's the perfect height for him to climb on and it makes a great photo opportunity. So I took the chance to take some pictures of the kids.

My brother and my dad would be proud of my photographer's

Thanks for coming over guys! It was fun!!


Jen said...

Great pictures of the kids, Kathy! Your dog is so cute as well. Praying for all you teachers as you get ready to head back to school!
Jen, Guy and kids

The Greenoughs said...

Thanks girlie! Your growing family is so cute! I love keeping up with them on your blog!

Wendy said...

So cute! You are doing a great job Kathy! See, you DO have things to share! And dinner with friends sounds like so much fun!

The Miller Clan said...

I need copies of those pictures! They are so cute. Thanks for entertaining our kids. They love to come over and see you...hint...hint....