Saturday, January 3, 2009

Miller Family Christmas

Just about everyone in the family was out of town at the in-laws for Christmas so today we took the opportunity to celebrate Christmas on the Miller side. We don't get the chance to spend time with everyone all together very often so this was a wonderful treat. We celebrated Christmas and then watched the Charger game! A great time was had by all!!
(Thank goodness the Chargers won!
A perfect ending to a perfect day.)
I'll put the captions at the bottom of the picture:
This is the kiddos getting started with their stockings.

Austin with his stocking.

lol! - this is Mom and Jana sharing in the excitement of the kids getting something they were excited about. Kids are so funny - they open their presents and yell "This is what I've always wanted!!" And then when you ask them what it is they say "I don't know." lol

Bob was not left out by his Auntie Jana and Uncle Jimmy. Here he is licking his lips getting ready for his special treat!

lol - This must have been the *excitement* picture!!

My photographer paparazzi brothers.

This was Austin peeking to see what he got. He's a funny guy.

This is Snipe enjoying the cuddle time with Rob.

Bob sometimes gets a little jealous when someone else is up on his Grandpa's lap.
He wanted up too!!

Jana and Kelly putting together Austin's toy.

Kiaya and Grandma showing us how tall the Barbie Doll condo was that she got for Christmas.

Kelly and Dad taking Barbie out of the box.

Bob and his Dad opening up gifts.

Mom showing us the beautiful necklace Dad had gotten for her.

Bob looking while his Daddy opens up a gift.

Dad opening up the flag pole he wanted for Christmas.

We weren't sure which one Dad had decided on so Jimmy stayed up all hours of the night making a funny way to let Dad know he was getting his flag pole. He is amazingly creative.

Since my camera is broken, I couldn't get a close up, but this is my poor dad taking a quick cat nap before the big Charger game. He had worked all night and hadn't been asleep yet.

Jon playing Mom's new game - Outdoor Adventure (or something like that) - for the Wii.

This is Jon during the Charger game......
.....and this is Jimmy.
I was trying to capture Jon's personality in that he's pretty laid back and doens't get overly excited about much. Jimmy on the other hand is the opposite end of the spectrum. He is very intense and very focused lol. He lost his voice by the end of the game.
It was an awesome game though!! GO CHARGERS!!

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