Monday, December 29, 2008

Boxing Day (The day after Christmas)

Rob's friend, Josh, is such a wonderful person. Every year he comes by Rob's parents house knowing that we are probably visiting. He always comes by with his family to say hi.
I just am amazed that he would do this.
He does this each of every year,
taking time from his family and the busy things he has to do.
I just think that these days you don't find many people like that.
A big thanks to Josh and his family for stopping by. We really do appreciate it!

This is Bob with his new friends. These are Josh's kids and his wife in the background.
Such a lovely family!
The day after Christmas is snowed! Before we went to bed we could see the snow falling and it was beautiful. This is what it looked like the next morning.

Good 'ol Bob enjoying the snow.

Nice tongue action! It almost looks fake.

Bob and his daddy kick'n it.

This is Ken's dog Swivel (he only has three legs - hence the name)

Bob getting a little love from his Uncle.

A little cousin time

Bobby on his way home.

He didn't have much room - lol - poor Bob

Bob at home sweet home after a fun week with family

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