Saturday, December 6, 2008

Arthritis Walk

Every year we support our very good friend Tammy who has had arthritis her basically her whole life through a fund raising walk. This year the weather couldn't have been better and the turnout was fantastic! A BIG thank you for all of you who sponsored me for the walk.
This was our group shot!

Me and Tammy

My cute husband taking a break with Bob
This is our friend Jaimee and Brian's son, Mica

Rob's always making people laugh. He sometimes doesn't think he's funny or much of a people person, but he really can entertain a crowd. Here he is with Tim, Finley, and Sarah Fitzpatrick.
Here is Bob and his new friend Sonny
Me and my friend Gloria and her daughter Stephanie
This is the adorable Jackson! Check out his shades!

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