Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day

This Christmas Jimmy and family were in Colorado with Jana's folks. Rob and I were in New Mexico so my parents went to San Diego and spent Christmas Day at
Jon and Kelly's house down in San Diego.
We will do a Miller Family Christmas on Saturday once everyone gets back.
On Christmas Eve Lane (Ken's son) spent the night over at his other Grammy's house, so we got to sleep in on Christmas Day! YEAH! (At my parent's house we could never get away with that because of all the little ones we have.)
After Lane arrived we got to start opening gifts!
Rob gets REAL excited about opening gifts so we had to have him help hand the presents out to keep him from opening all his gifts before it was time.
This is Rob and his brother Ken handing out gifts.
This is Heidi (Rob's mom) and Frank (Rob's dad) with their stash.

Lane, Ken, and Andrea - Lane all excited about his new Wii.
Frank .... all mad that he got *a* spark plug in his!
Bob in the middle of everything.
Frank and Carla (Rob's brother and sister in law) opening up gifts.

We made a book online for Ken of his graduation.
He seemed like he really liked it!
Lane opening more of his gifts for his Wii.
I surprised Rob by framing our vows. He didn't even believe that I knew where they were -lol.
Heidi admiring an amazing calendar Carla made.

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