Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

These pictures are a little backwards but I forgot when you upload them you should do them backwards and I don't feel like switching them around - lol.
On Christmas Eve Rob's family tradition is to have a big family gathering. Usually it is hosted at his Grandma's house, but she passed away a couple of years ago. It's hard to keep up the traditions with her being gone. They know that this is what she would want so this year Rob's cousin Dusty (aka Bud) and his wife Hope hosted the event. A fun time was had by all!

This is Frank and his Uncle David being silly.
This is Carla (Rob's sister in law) and Rob's cousin Tiffany's son Tanner.

Rob and Tanner
This was a group shot of all the cousins
Ken, Dusty, Nicole, Tiffany, Rob, and Frank.
Rob's brother Frank and sister in law Carla Rob's brother Ken and Ken's girlfriend Andrea
Rob's dad holding Dusty's son Harry
Rob's mom and some of her siblings with their dad (who just had hip replacement surgery a couple of weeks ago and just got out of the hospital on Christmas Eve night after getting a pacemaker.)
Heidi and her sister Mony
Rob's nephew Lane and Bobitz

Bob and Flea
On Christmas Eve, Lane got to *open* up one gift......Rob had given him his truck this summer - but it needed new wheels and rims and the bumper needed a little touch up. So Frank fixed the bumper and got some rims for him and we all pitched in for some new wheels. This was us surprising Lane with his upgrades.

This is Lane practicing driving with Bobitz as a passenger!
A group picture of the boys! A chance in a lifetime opportunity! I wish my brother was here to take some pictures of their family. Group shots would have been awesome, but I did my best.
Bob and his cousin Flea


Phillips Family said...

I still have a hard time uploading pictures. I just added your address to my blog so I can keep tabs on you. Here's my email, send me your address so I can send you a very late Christmas card.


The Greenoughs said...

Hey girlie!! It's SO nice to hear from you!! I will add you to my blog too! I love keeping up with everyone.